Things Miss K loves

I sometimes sit and wonder if Miss K really is mine or am I really the one raising her? She is so different from me and I had assumed just because we live together and spend so much time together she would love the same things I love but  boy have I been wrong.

Miss K loves reading, she reads books\magazines, upside and points at the pictures and tells me what is there. She loves being read to the listens carefully and sometimes imitates the things I say.

Image : Here

Cherry tomatoes make Miss K very happy. She cries for them all the time and knows exactly where they are in the fridge. I keep joking with her that we going to have to start our own little garden in the back and plant cherry tomatoes or else I am going to go bankrupt :-)

Miss K love balls, small or big she wants them. I buy a new one almost at a every visit to the shops. Maybe she will become a soccer player :-)

Her most recent love is dolls and putting the dolls on her back. Sometimes I have to kiss the dolls in order for her to allow me to kiss her. I have also found if I ‘feed’ the dolls she opens her mouth too.  I am beginning to love having these dolls around

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